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A program to help you take the breaks you know you need!

I am super excited for you to become a Joyful Breaks member!

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    Joyful Breaks Membership $35 USD /month
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    $35 USD
    $35 USD/month for all billing

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        Just a note on using credit cards not issued in the US:

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        To cancel your membership

        Cancel anytime by completing the following steps:

        1) Log into your membership account (you will set up login information when you sign up),
        2) Go to "billing" in the left-hand menu,
        3) Click on the "subscriptions" tab,
        4) Click the "cancel" button.

        This will cancel your membership from the beginning date of the next billing cycle only, so you will still have access to the membership for the days you have already paid for.

        For example, if you subscribe and pay for one month on March 4th, cancel your subscription on March 6th, you will still have access to the membership until April 3rd and your subscription will not renew on April 4th.

        If you have signed up for a free trial, and you cancel before the trial ends, you will retain access to the membership until the end of your free trial period.

        Trial/coupon terms & conditions

        To remain a Joyful Breaks member after your trial/coupon end date

        You do not need to do anything - your membership will simply continue.

        If you stay on as a Joyful Breaks member after your trial period ends, this is how I will honor your commitment to yourself:

        You will start paying the price you see above ($35) on the first day after your trial of the membership ends. This price will be locked in and renewed monthly for as long as you are a continuous member.

         is the lowest rate the membership will ever be.

        It is an amazing price for the value of the membership! I am constantly told this. 

        And this is the price for now because I want this program to be accessible to as many solopreneurs as possible, so that we can together be less stressed out and do more of what we love! = My way to make the world a better, more peace-full place 😘