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A unique Somatic meditation program to help infuse deeper self-care, peace and joy into your daily life!

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    Joyful Breaks Membership $12 USD /month
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        Any purchase is non-refundable.

        Payment is set up monthly automatically, starting with your initial payment until you cancel or until the archives close (I will give notice if closing the archives and honor any payments made).

        If you have paid for a full month, you will have access to the archives for that month, even if you cancel before the month is up, or even if I have announced that the archives are closing.

        If you would like to cancel your payments and you have trouble cancelling, please contact me.

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        Quick summary of the experience you are purchasing:

        • Get started with a unique meditative practice without having to sit still (but of course you may sit still if you want to)! 
        • Infuse peace and calm into your weekdays
        • Make space for and increase your capacity to focus and be creative 
        • Practice making weekly invitations and make time for a weekly reflection 
        • Make time for yourself, and gain insights about yourself through experiencing your body more deeply 
        • Learn Somatic and Mindfulness tools/techniques to apply in everyday life to help you self-regulate and weather challenges with greater ease
        • Gain clarity on what's important in work / life / relationships, and make better decisions in all areas of life

        Technically, for $12/month, you will receive:

        • Access all meditation replays of the entire 2 years of the membership, any time.

          This includes:
        • At least one meditative 12-minute mini break for every day of the week to help you breathe and re-focus even during a busy day
        •  Over seventy 30-minute Conscious Rest sessions to choose from to leave you feeling energized, refreshed and re-aligned
        • Access to a bonus sleep meditation and nature connection meditation
        • A spreadsheet with links to meditations by theme, so that you can easily select a theme according to your desire in that moment, e.g. meditation on breathing or a nature-themed meditation.