Joyful Breaks Membership

A virtual membership to help
solopreneurs, care givers, healers and all those who "give a lot"
infuse more self-care and calm into their daily lives

Are you ready to
take the “busy” out of your business and/or life?

(The kind of busy that is running you into the ground?)
It's time to show up for what you love to do,
and whom you love to serve
without ignoring your needs and inching ever closer to burnout!

I see you, solopreneur!

 🤗You are listening to your heart, being led by your soul, and 
you are shaping a new world, shining your light!🌟 

This could mean that you are:

  • your own boss
  • doing meaningful work you love!
  • setting your own schedule
  • .... wait a sec ...

Or are you setting your own schedule....?
Is it more like your work and your schedule control YOU?
Are you able to "switch off" when you want to?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your schedule is packed all day with things to do and you never give yourself a break 
  • You are pushing through all the time, even though you are exhausted 
  • You skip important things like meals, exercise, and family time just to get one more thing done 
  • You open social media to get your mind off things for a minute and then get sucked into your news feed for hours and feel more behind 
  • If you ever do take a break, you feel guilty for not working and you can’t fully enjoy your time off 
  • You KNOW you need to take better care of yourself, but you’re afraid that if you give yourself a break, you’ll never catch up.

And then being present and carving out time for those important relationships in your life becomes … let’s just say “difficult” 😥

Do these thoughts ever cross your mind:

  • This is not sustainable. How much longer can I keep this up for?
  • Am I on the edge of burnout?
  • Honestly, I would get more breaks and work fewer hours as an employee, working for someone else!

Do you ever wonder:

"Is entrepreneurial life for me?" and "Do I have it in me?"

These are all messages - from your mind and body - sounding the alarm!

📢 It is high time ⏰
to take better care of yourself!

And that starts with giving yourself true breaks during your workdays!

But why do I need breaks during my workdays?

True breaks from your work help you:

  • show up at your most aligned and therefore inspired and creative for your business and clients! Remember, your energy is palpable – no matter what.
  • claim back the energy and inspiration that remind you of why you launched your own business in the first place.   
  • create space for strategic and inspired = good decision-making for both your business and for you.

You started your business because you want to help people…
but ...
that MUST start with taking care of yourself FIRST.

Simply put:

"You can't do your best work or live your best life when you're depleted"

So imagine what it will feel like when... 

You get up in the mornings looking forward to another full day of work and play!


  • You consistently feel focused and productive (= like every day is filled with meaningful work that is moving the needle for you)
  • You look back on your days and they feel expansive, because you have gotten so much done AND you’ve had time for R&R (Rest & Relaxation)!
  • You are easily able to make time to spend with your family and friends, or simply your own good ‘ole self, GUILT-FREE!
  • You know how to nip overwhelm in the bud EVERY TIME it rears its head
  • You intuitively know when you work at your best and when you need to rest
  • You feel healthy in your body, effortlessly making time for exercise, nourishing food and R&R

And finally, imagine what it will feel like when:

You are in charge of your schedule, rather than your schedule running you!

Wouldn't that feel amazing???

You've probably tried finding ways to unwind, like…

  • Going on social media to see what’s happening in the world 
  • Binge-watching Netflix, Hulu – you name it! Anything you feel will give you a mindless break 
  • Downloading every free meditation app in the app store
  • Signing up for yoga classes (and rarely attending them or finding that once or twice per week just isn't enough!)
  • All the usual self-care things like taking an occasional bath or going for a walk, even taking naps 
  • Maybe you have even taken a few days’ (maybe even weeks'?) vacation to give yourself a complete break from your work!

Here's the thing:

None of this is wrong, BUT ...

These things aren't working because …

  •  Social media and TV shows send you down a rabbit hole that drains your time and energy 

  •  All those videos overload your nervous system and keep you in thinking and analyzing mode

  •  You forget to meditate or put off doing it, and when you do try it, you hate sitting still.  

  •  You feel great after your yoga class but can’t seem to channel that relaxation at other times of the day or when you really need it.

  •  When you step away from the screen for a walk or a bath, you still can’t take your mind off your to-do list, ... and anyway these things take time so you don’t do them frequently.

  •  Napping just makes you feel more groggy and less motivated once you wake up.

  •  Your vacation was awesome, but you are still dreading the heap of work to do upon your return, and how you will feel about it.


The breaks you are taking are not really breaks.
They are "pseudo breaks" and they are
not giving your brain and body the "true" breaks you really need.


These breaks don't happen regularly enough, so their effects don't infiltrate your day when you haven't practiced them.

I get it – as much as you know that you need more breaks,
it’s SO hard to get yourself to take them!

There’s just always so much to DO as a solopreneur!

Not only client work, but also:
marketing, bookkeeping, e-mail, learning new tricks of the trade…
The list goes on and on!

You might find yourself believing the following:

  •  You think that you have to work your socks off to get your business to grow and be a success.  You can’t afford to be “lazy” or more easy-going now!

  •  You don’t want other people (clients perhaps?) to think you’re lazy if you take time out of your day to rest.

  •  You’re just scared you’ll fall further behind in your work if you take some time out from work.

  •  You’d rather push through now than take a break, because you are thinking: “If I take a break, it means less time with family and friends later on”.

Time is scarce and precious.

"I'll take care of myself as soon as I have $X amount of income!" and "Just one more thing!" 
are your daily mottos.

And underneath it all, you’re scared that if you don’t work hard enough, you’ll lose your chance to keep your dream life.

Perhaps you’re scared of having to go back to some job you hate, losing your hard-won freedom!

So those truly restful breaks really seem unimportant at the moment.

Is your mind telling you that “now is not the time” to take care of yourself?

But then, you do end up taking breaks,
including the “pseudo breaks” like scrolling through social media,
and they don’t leave you feeling great and sometimes even worse!  

Or you keep pushing through, tired and without inspired energy.

You just need to be able to ...

when you need to switch off AND in as little time as possible

so that you can feel truly refreshed 
when you really need it!

Well, do I have great news for you!

I created the Joyful Breaks Membership to help work-from-home, soul-led, creative solopreneurs like you to ...

  •  create time and space to switch off 
  •  avoid the draining “pseudo breaks” that creep into your day - especially when you don't know what else to do for a break!
  •  ultimately avoid burnout and stressed-out relationships.

The Joyful Breaks membership program helps you to resource yourself with
in which I guide you through unique, live sensory movement meditations,
so that you can really feel the rewards of properly taking care of yourself! 

The rewards from practicing Joyful Breaks include:

  • Consistently showing up energized and inspired – for yourself, your business and your personal and professional relationships
  • Not spending time and energy beating yourself up or feeling anxious about work not getting done during “down times” (= welcoming and accepting how you are feeling at the time)
  • Being more aligned with your needs and your vision = more focused, creative, strategic and feeling more fulfilled and productive during your workdays
  • Focusing on the joy in the world and what really matters!
  • Being in charge of your schedule and living the entrepreneurial dream you have been longing for!
  • Feeling like YOU – yes, you! - are the CEO of your business!

All because you are learning to listen to your body and therefore better able to navigate your natural cycles of activity and down time!

Hi, I'm Vivian 👋 - your R&R Cheerleader!

Yes, that's R&R for "Rest and Relaxation".

My personal mantra is:

Showing up for myself is ...
Showing up for my dream .... is ...
Showing up for my family ... is ...
Showing up for those supporting me, relying on me, cheering me on!

So let me ask you a question:
What does life look like when you take care of yourself FIRST?

I see SO many fellow solopreneurs who just won’t give themselves a break, and who are working themselves into the ground.  
Please don't let that be you!

Why taking regular breaks is important for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS:

Here's my story (Why I do what I do)

For my entire adult life I have been passionate about taking breaks. 

I even started a “Chill-Out” Society while at College in the big city of London! It was all about taking time out from studying and enjoying cultural and meditative activities in order to refresh the mind and therefore to improve academic performance.

Then, as an employee at the London School of Economics for 10 years, I always tried to not let work dominate my life and energy. However, I ultimately failed at that. Inevitably, it got to me and I finally burnt out.  

When I started practicing Somatics I learned about the damage I had done to my body by sitting at a desk for 35+ hours per week - even though I walked 1.5 hours to and from work, during my lunches and on my grocery shopping trips every day!

What was missing were the tools and the self-knowledge that I have now. 

Thankfully, my burnout crisis led me to Somatics.

Somatics teaches you ways to access and work with your body’s innate wisdom. I have been training in this field since 2016 in the disciplines of Body Mind Centering and the Gindler method/Sensory Awareness.

Somatic practices are the foundational practices in the Joyful Breaks membership program.  

I also completed certification as a Forest Bathing Guide to integrate my work more deeply with outdoor nature. I offer in-person Forest Bathing walks locally and train future guides in the foundations of sensory awareness, a foundational modality within the field of Somatics. 

Somatic practices, via Joyful Breaks, will gift you what they gift me:  

  • A sacred space of paying attention to and valuing yourself.
  • This opens up an incredible feeling of peace, joy and re-alignment with your authentic self.      
  • From here your mindset shifts and you can make decisions that are authentic to you, and aligned with your energy and values!    
  • You feel empowered to resolve overwhelm and self-sabotage and you have the tools to avoid burnout. Eventually, overwhelm and related feelings rarely even show up on your radar.
  • You also start to take better care of yourself physically.

It is “simply” a matter of inner listening – and of doing so every day.
And yet, despite my past experience and my current knowledge, I myself struggle to make space and time for this quiet self-care time daily!

Hence the accountability in having a guide, i.e. me, to guide you through the practices live

Joyful Breaks is the program I wish I had to hold myself accountable to taking the breaks that will save me years of pain (physically and emotionally) further down the line.

That is why it is my greatest passion to share with others the Somatic and nature-based tools I have learned and continue to learn!

So, if you are a fellow work-from-home,
soul-led solopreneur
whose mission is
to improve people’s lives and the world we live in,

I am here 
to guide you towards the tools and the knowledge
 that are already present within you
to fill your cup and
to live your joy-filled, exciting entrepreneurial life! 

As you know, the journey to creating good in the world starts at home,
with being good to oneself. 

Let’s get started on this journey to greater self-care and showing up for yourself!

Hear from a Joyful Breaks member:

 "Being a part of the Joyful Breaks program has been wonderful. 

I struggle with mental chaos, part of which may have originated in self-employment stresses… organization, prioritization, procrastination, financial, etc. My approach to all of this has always been to just load on more… more expectations, more demands, etc. And this just escalates the stress.   

The Joyful Breaks program has helped me to step away from all of this, which helps me to reenter my work environment in a more relaxed and productive way, and certainly in a happier place.   

I also find that I am better at stopping my brain sometimes by focusing on my senses, especially the sense of touch. This is definitely a benefit of the program. 

I am still, of course, working on all of this, but love the bliss that comes out of the sessions and seeps into the rest of my day. Thank you!"

Lucy Golden
Jewelry Artist


The Joyful Breaks Membership

A monthly virtual membership
work-from-home, soul-led solopreneurs
balance their to-do lists with self-care!

If you want to consistently… 

  • ... feel more calm and focused in your work
  • ... be energized and inspired, and feel fulfilled by your work (i.e. not feeling drained at the end of the day or week)
  • ... step into your dream entrepreneurial life, while respecting and nurturing your own needs 

In short:

If you want to show up more for yourself and therefore show up more for your dream,

you're ready to join Joyful Breaks!

Inside the membership, you will:

  •  Experience restful and refreshing SHORT breaks during your workdays 
  •  During these breaks, be guided through unique sensory movement meditations (no sitting still required!) 
  •  Learn about and apply the Joyful Breaks framework to help create the structure and the MINDSET in your life to prioritize your own self-care
  •  Learn tools and techniques to find your own unique way of finding calm, focus and inner wisdom; that is, to cultivate calming practices that support you - even in challenging times. 
  • Have access to your own R&R cheerleader, aka ME, to motivate you and nudge you to take your breaks 
  • Be supported in a community of fellow solopreneurs on the same journey as you – towards a balanced and fulfilling entrepreneurial life 

Joyful Breaks gives you PERMISSION TO REST, REFRESH & RE-ALIGN – every day.
And the benefits will ripple out from there!

You can get excited about ....
feeling that a healthy balance between self-care and work IS possible,
once you say YES to Joyful Breaks!

Your life WITHOUT Joyful Breaks:

  • You start thinking about work even before your feet hit the floor in the mornings. You already feel overwhelmed by all there is to do.

  •  You spend your entire day sitting at a desk. Even lunch is spent working. When you eat, you barely even notice the food you are eating.

  •  You find yourself opening your emails and social media for a quick fix, and get sucked in. You beat yourself up for not working.

  •  You know you are not putting your best energy into a task, because you are feeling tired, but you still push through because it needs to get done.

  •  By the end of the day, you are exhausted, and you feel that you haven’t made a dent in your to-do list – instead you’ve just piled more stuff on. 

Your life WITH  Joyful Breaks:

  •  When you wake up you are motivated for a new day in your life and start your day with a sense of calm, joy, focus and confidence.

  •  You intentionally schedule time for nourishing meals and snacks, exercise, and/or something creative. You feel good in your body and so much happier and more relaxed!

  •  You have scheduled and take short, refreshing and inspiring breaks throughout your day. They leave you feeling like you have had a true break for mind AND body – guilt-free living at its best!

  •  You make good decisions for yourself and your business, and consistently work aligned with your energy while still getting the important and urgent things done.

  •  You “clock off” at your ideal time to close out your work for the day. You feel you have done some great work and wherever you got to: “It’s enough”.

In a nutshell, you are signing up for a routine of refreshing meditative breaks that will set you up for ...

  • Regularly feeling joy and accomplishment in your life!
  • Knowing that you are enough and what you have achieved in any given day/week/month is enough!
  •  Better understanding your body's messages and knowing how to better nourish yourself to fill your cup!

TOTAL VALUE: $400+ per month
to be a member until April 30th 2023.

Here's more detail on what you get
when you become a Joyful Breaks member:

Mini breaks
(live sessions and replays)

Every week has a theme, chosen to help deepen awareness of your body-mind connection, to help you take your mind of everyday busyness, and to release and relax.

Example themes:  “Breathing”, “Sensing connection”, “Water”, “Slowing down”, “The feet”, “Sensing enoughness” ...

The meditations are different in every break.  I regularly weave elements of anatomy of the human body and elements of ecology (nature connection) into the meditations.  

  • Experience a regular routine, naturally created by the live breaks schedule, to give "shapeless" days more shape and purpose
  • Use  these breaks to make better/more aligned decisions about what tasks to tackle during your day.
  • Cultivate dedicated time and space to pay attention to the messages your body is sending you and be inspired to act on these messages to nourish yourself (yes, napping is allowed!).
  •  Create and embody a focus of the week on Mondays and revisit it on Fridays, allowing for inspiration, intentional nourishment and support throughout your week.
  • Be amazed by any negative, tired, unwelcome energy you are able to shift in just 12 minutes!

Conscious Rest sessions
(live sessions and replays)

 A deeply restful Somatic practice in which you are guided through releasing and relaxing the whole body.

This is great practiced at any time, and especially when feeling tired and overwhelmed.

  • Most mini breaks benefits, but feeling the benefits even more deeply,

  • Allow the spine to decompress and energy to flow again.
  • Feel relaxed and totally refreshed coming out of the session.

Support and accountability from Vivian

As a Joyful Breaks member, you receive ongoing support from me in the following ways:

  • I show up LIVE for you to hold you accountable to taking your breaks.
  • I offer support and encouragement on the membership platform, where you can ask questions, post reflections and AHA moments and more. 
  •  I am also available by email/Facebook messenger, and happy to check in with you if this is something you want and I notice you not showing up on the program.
  • I encourage you to complete a  short weekly reflection, which you are welcome to share with me.

AND even more support, including interactive, practical workshops which will be free to members, is in the planning! 

Dedicated space and time for YOU
to be intentional about your life

Embody your focus of the week:

Every week, I invite you to create and revisit your focus for the week.

  • Monday’s first mini break is to invite something, any intention into your week = your focus for the week.  
  • Friday’s first mini break is an invitation to review your week and to reflect on your focus for the week, from an embodied perspective.  
  •  After the last meditation of the week you receive reflective questions that help to integrate discoveries and other learning form the week to help form new habits.   short weekly reflection, which you are welcome to share with me.

Time to reflect on your week:

At the end of the week, you are invited to reflect on what you experienced, guided by a handful of simple questions sent to you by email and in a questionnaire.

However, reflection is an integral part of understanding yourself and your own needs better, and therefore of creating a practice that nourishes you.

Easy access to replays

There is no need for FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)!

I record every live session, so if you have to miss one and want to catch up on it, OR if you loved a meditation so much that you want to experience it again, you can!

Plus, you can access replays from before you joined as well.

  •  Access a library of replays (200+ recordings and counting!) any time you want on the membership platform.
  • Easily re-listen to a selection of mini breaks and Conscious Rest sessions on your phone or tablet on an exclusive members-only podcast audio feed.

Wondering how all this will look on your calendar?

It's really simple.
Here's a sample schedule:

All times are stated in ET (Boston timezone).

8:00 am- 8:12 am: Mini break #1 (Focus for the week)
12:00 pm – 12:12pm:  Mini break #2  

8:00 am- 8:12 am: Mini break #1
12:00 pm – 12:12pm:  Mini break #2  

12:00 pm – 12:30pm: Conscious Rest session


8:00 am- 8:12 am: Mini break #1
12:00 pm – 12:12pm:  Mini break #2  

8:00 am- 8:12 am: Mini break #1 (Review your week + your focus for the week)
12:00 pm – 12:12pm:  Mini break #2
+ Complete reflection questionnaire (if you want to)

Replays are available in case you miss a live session!

You also get these amazing bonuses:

- to support you further in cultivating a regular self-care practice -

  • Sleep meditation package
  • Nature Connection meditations
  • Forest bathing walk invitation weeks
  • Any special meditation series (e.g. access to the Brain Breaks program and selected Joy in Movement Founding Membership meditations )

What others are experiencing in Joyful Breaks:

"The sessions to rest the body and mind that Vivian offers are invaluable in intense times.  

Her voice and guidance, a gentle invitation to soften and relax, accompany me all day allowing me to do all the things that need to be done with a kinder pace.  

I have made many new discoveries about my experience of daily life."

Cecilia Ramón

"I want to practice this more and more because it does me so much good! I've been re-listening to some of the days according to what I need at a certain moment and I've been able to relax, sleep, breathe better."

Carolina Tarasuk

Have you ever delayed doing something
that you know would be really good for you...

... and then you FINALLY DO IT
and you think to yourself:

“Why on Earth didn’t I do this sooner?
I could have saved myself so much suffering!”

 Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and being REALLY thirsty,
instead of getting out of the warm bed to get a glass of water and going back to sleep,
 you just lie in bed thinking about being thirsty and how much you want some water.

You hope you can ignore being thirsty and that you will go back to sleep
(you hope that somehow the problem will go away).

So you end up being uncomfortable and losing more sleep 
than if you had just gotten up and drunk a glass of water!  

Well, my friend, the Joyful Breaks membership is your refreshing glass of water! 


Maybe you didn't realize how much you needed something
until you FINALLY tried it out?

That's what Andrea said about Joyful Breaks!

"I didn't know I needed it until I started doing it."

- Andrea

Freelance Content Manager

And then Liz finally took the leap, joined Joyful Breaks and said this:

- Liz, Coach and Business Strategist

This is your time to step off the hamster wheel of overwhelm and exhaustion!

NOW is the time to honor yourself and your needs!

You matter. Your needs matter. Your desires and dreams matter.
So honor them!

You are worthy of fully enjoying your life – business and all - NOW.

You have a choice!

You can either:

Or you can:

  • Continue down the fast-track to burnout, feeling tired and pushing yourself to your limits every step of the way. 
  • Continue to feel like you have never done enough and have your mind constantly thinking about your business.  
  • Be distracted at important moments in your life and let life pass you by.  
  • Invite a deeper sense of calm and focus into your life by learning simple practices and tools that are unique to you and that support you daily. 
  • Be confident that you are doing your best for your business, not in spite of but because you are taking care of yourself first
  • Switch off from work when you need and want to, and enjoy your life every step of the way!

Let me ask you this:

Who is the Joyful Breaks membership for?


  •  You work from home OR if you work in a space that allows you to create a comfortable, private space for yourself, in which you can move freely, including sitting or lying on the floor. 
  • Your work is mostly stationery (mainly desk- and/or computer-based) 
  • You are a solopreneur OR you can determine your own work schedule (you may even be retired!)
  • You know more peace in your life would be good for you and those around you 
  • You enjoy learning and personal development 
  • You are curious about and want to experience the body-mind connection more deeply
  • You want to try something other than traditional meditation (the “sit still” kind) Y
  • You enjoy outdoor nature and value being immersed in natural environments 


  • You aren’t willing to try new things that might feel a little “woo”            
  • You are not ready to make a serious commitment to improving your own well-being and work practices 
  • You strongly believe that entrepreneurs MUST always “hustle and grind” to succeed  

So what happens next?

Simply join now and you will have instant access to the library of replays + have the link to join the next live meditation!  

I will be so delighted and excited to welcome you as a new Joyful Breaks Member!

I can’t wait to see what you will discover and how you will blossom as a result of taking greater care of yourself.

Come and start your new chapter in life NOW!  

Does this sound familiar:

  • You only live once! 
  • Later will never come.
  • There is no present like the present moment.
And here's one of my favorite quotes:

"Every moment is an invitation."
- Barry Lopez

  Let me help you dive into the present moment now,
so you can feel rested and refreshed, and
pour all that new-found energy into your business!  

You could be experiencing your first mini break in just a few minutes!

There’s no course units to complete, no homework to do, ...

What will you decide?

Do you continue down the road of overwhelm, exhaustion and pushing through?


Will you choose a path of greater harmony and ease,
more aligned with your needs and energy in every moment

"Vivian’s program has totally helped calm down a very over-electrified brain.”."

- Florence

I get it - you really want to do this,
but you have some niggling thoughts...

The mini breaks are 12 minutes each twice per day. That is 24 minutes of sacred time just for you and for you own self-renewal.

Will you take my word for it when I say that you and your dreams are totally worth this time investment?

I promise you will feel better or at least a little wiser after every break!  

Another way to think about it is that if you don’t make time to take care of yourself now, you will take time when you get sick or burn out.   

I completely understand the anxiety around getting all those things done, finishing up projects, making one last social media post etc. But the truth is, your body is probably crying out for breaks and you are cruelly overriding this shout for help.

Remember that you are a whole, biological, living human, not a robot machine. 

And I am here for you with Joyful Breaks to help you honor the beautiful living sacred YOU that you are

I totally get this. I need my breaks to be away from the screen as well! Sometimes my eyes are physically screaming out for me to have my computer completely out of my line of sight.

So in every break, I actually encourage you to turn and/or move away from the computer, tablet or phone. 

Yes, you need to click on the Zoom link to join the meditations, but after that – as long as you are within earshot of my voice (and I do recommend you use your external speakers or good headphones for the meditations), you are free to be anywhere you wish! 

Nature connection is an integral part of my personal practice and I absolutely encourage you to take your breaks outside if you can!  

Joyful Breaks members join the live meditations regularly in urban parks or in their garden from their phones.

If your internet connection is unstable or unavailable, you can even dial in from a phone - I always provide that option.    

I also upload replays of mini breaks to a private feed on Hello Audio, which allows you to listen to them on a range of podcast apps. 

I have always struggled with the traditional kind of meditation too!  

The first time I felt like I was actually properly meditating – after years of trying sitting meditations - was during a slow moving exploration, like the “sensory movement meditations” I offer in the Joyful Breaks program!

It was a HUGE moment for me, as I felt the deep peace and joy that comes with being fully in the present moment!

This is exactly why I am offering this program as such a powerful way to get access to a peaceful space within.  

And the amazing thing is that you might find that by tuning into the amazingness of your own body, you will start to become better at “sitting” or still meditations completely naturally the more Joyful Breaks you take. 

There are two key factors built into the Joyful Breaks program that make it very different to a meditation app:

Let’s take each in turn:

Are you like me? Without someone else – i.e. an actual, living person - setting times for me to take breaks and holding me accountable for taking them, even I can fail to give myself the breaks I need!  

So having someone who shows up for you live​​​​ as opposed to an app or a recording to listen to when your schedule allows (which is never, right?) – you are much more likely to take the breaks you need!  

Joyful Breaks is the program I wish I had to hold myself accountable to my own self-care! And it’s about more than just setting a timer…  

It’s about growing good self-care habits!

As a work-from-home solopreneur, being accountable to only yourself, you may feel like your days are shapeless. There’s no one watching when you clock in and out, no one telling you when to be where, no one even being a good boss and telling you to take a lunch break!  

The Joyful Breaks program brings daily and weekly rituals and a routine into your shapeless days and weeks. This is the first step in growing those good self-care habits! An opportunity to pause, reset and redirect your energy during your workdays.  

Via Joyful Breaks, I am here to:
… support you and cheer you on in practicing your self-care!
… gently hold you accountable to and remind you of how GREAT it feels to…
… make time for yourself to just BE and to fill up your cup regularly.

Finally, if you are paying for something you may as well take advantage of it! Don't you find that you are more invested and committed energetically as well when you are paying, as opposed to when a program is free?


A: In a nutshell, there are two main differences between more “traditional” and my “sensory movement” meditations:  

During the meditations, I invite you to explore certain positions and movements and certain sensations, e.g. of touch or internal sensations such as your heartbeat or your breathing.  However, you are always encouraged to follow the lead of your own body, that is, to move or shift position if you feel uncomfortable in any way.

You might also follow your own curiosity and explore for yourself what comes up during the meditation uniquely for you. The latter comes more naturally the more you practice.  

Allowing for movement and personal exploration is key to my next point.  


The meditations are Somatic practices, which some describe as a form of Western Mindfulness. However, they go deeper than pure Mindfulness.  

Firstly, you might explore, for example, emotions that emerge and allow yourself to feel them in your body – as opposed to simply observing. You might then explore how to move with those emotions. You are also always invited to follow any pleasurable sensations or sensations that feel welcome to you. A favorite of mine is exploring how celebration feels in the body.  

I weave in elements of “experiential anatomy” into the meditations (often combined with nature connection elements), which means that you will learn and experience aspects of your own anatomy, for example, how your breathing works, where your organs are located in your body, or what helps your fascia stay healthy. (And if you are not sure what fascia are, I guide you through the explanation in the meditation!)

A: Yes, live session recordings (replays) are available on the membership platform.  

In addition, replays are also available on a private podcast feed that you can listen to on a podcast app.

This means that if you cannot make it live, you can catch up in your own time, and if you want to take more breaks or repeat a favorite session you can! 

A: You can cancel your renewal at any time before the end of your membership month (you will still have access to the membership during the month you have paid for). You will always be welcome to rejoin! 

A: Please use the "Contact me" menu item at the very top of this webpage to ask your question(s)!

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